This is where your journey towards realising your dream starts, and our collective team of experts – with over 50 years of combined experience running the full gamut from engineering to architecture and interior design – will be there every step of the way to help you breathe life into your unique vision.

GROVE has a team of associated architects, interior design specialists, interior decorators and works exclusively with its own first-rate plumbing, electrical and landscaping teams.

Because we at GROVE Construction realise that beyond bricks and mortar, beyond steel and marble lies real people with real ideas, we place great value on the human aspect of construction: we focus on the individual. We don’t merely want to build or renovate your house, we want to build your dream home. Trust us to make it happen.

Our Process:

  • Conduct initial evaluation + recommendations
  • Review schematic design + preliminary pricing
  • Participate in design development
  • Lead specialized vendor selection
  • Develop specific construction pricing + schedule
  • Select appropriate on-site Grove team
  • Negotiate construction agreement authorization
  • Conduct team pre-construction meeting
  • Schedule regular client meetings
  • Prepare ongoing budget audit + schedule tracking
  • Obtain final homeowner + design team approval
  • Present homeowner with operations manual
  • Complete project closeout